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Breeder Management

Optimizing Poultry Breeding Excellence with SAP: Your Path to Precision and Productivity

Welcome to the future of poultry breeding! At LogicalDNA, we are proud to introduce the SAP Breeder Management Module, an innovation poised to redefine the way Indian farmers approach poultry breeding. As the exclusive SAP partner for the poultry industry, we present a solution that ensures precision, efficiency, and prosperity in every aspect of breeder management.

Why Choose LogicalDNA as Your SAP Partner?

We embrace holistic development and support for the aim of being a first-choice vendor within our sectors.


Exclusive SAP Partnership

As the exclusive partner for SAP poultry modules, we bring you solutions that are tailor-made for the unique challenges and opportunities in the poultry industry.


Proven Expertise

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the intricacies of poultry breeding. Trust us to guide you in implementing SAP solutions for optimal results.


Continuous Support

Our commitment doesn't end with implementation. We offer continuous support, ensuring you make the most of SAP's capabilities for long-term success

Manage Chicks Procurement

Nurturing New Beginnings

Easy sourcing: Use our module to find healthy chicks easily. Make sure every new generation on your farm has a stable and active start by navigating the process with transparency.

Brooding Daily Transaction

Nurturing New Beginnings

Keep track of your flock’s everyday activities. Our module gives you the ability to keep track of and document each major transaction during the critical period of the brooding phase

Analyze Flock Performance

Unlocking Insights, Unlocking Potential

Informed decisions: Learn in-depth data about flock performance. Use data analysis to make well-informed decisions that improve the overall health and productivity of your flock.

Egg Bifurcation

Sorting Success

Effective egg handling: Simplify the way you handle eggs. Our module ensures ideal hatchery conditions by streamlining the process of sorting and classifying eggs.

Manage Breeder Life Cycle

A Lifelong Commitment

From birth to retirement: Manage your breeders’ entire life cycle with ease,. improve each stage for the best performance.

Feed and Material Request

Fulfilling Nutritional Needs

Optimized resource utilization: Easily request and handle feed and materials. Ensure your flock gets the nutrition they need for strong health and growth.

Manage Egg Collection

Every Egg Counts

Organized egg collection: Simplify the egg collection process. Our module helps you manage this crucial step efficiently, minimizing errors and ensuring high-quality output.

Manage Eggs Sale

Harvesting Success

Maximize returns: Streamline the sales process for your eggs. Our module provides a comprehensive solution for managing sales, and maximizing your returns and profitability.

Birds Sales and Delivery

Bringing Your Birds to Market

Effortless sales and delivery: Handle bird sales and deliveries with ease. Our module ensures a smooth process from farm to market, effectively satisfying consumer demands.

Cost Amortization

Balancing the Books

Financial clarity: Acquire an in-depth understanding of your expenses. By enabling accurate cost amortization, our module offers financial insight to support smarter decision-making.

Shed Transfer and Batch

Optimizing Spaces

Efficient space management: Simplify shed transfers and batch processes. Our module optimizes space utilization, ensuring each batch is managed with precision.

Your Poultry Breeding Operations Can Attain Their Full Potential!

Explore the SAP Breeder Management Module with Us and raise the bar for poultry breeding. Like never before, embrace precision, efficiency, and productivity. Contact us today to begin your journey to breeding excellence.

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