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Sugar Industry Solutions -SAP One Based ERP

There’s a better way to manage your Sugar Industry

Streamline cultivation, harvest, and processing operations for optimized productivity and growth.

We are Sugar Industry Experts

Exclusive SAP partner deploying sugar industry-specific module for the sugar industry sector

Manage sugar industry cycle from cane development, cane harvesting, yard management, transportation trust, cane billing

Modules & Features

Sweetening success with SAP: Tailored solutions for sugar industry excellence

Empower your sugar industry with our advanced Cane Procurement and Management Systems. From seamless farmer engagement to optimized harvest logistics, our solution revolutionizes the entire cane procurement process. Elevate efficiency, transparency, and profitability in your sugar production journey. Embrace the future of cane management with us.

Real time dashboard showing cane receiving and crushing status

Revolutionize your sugar industry operations with our cutting-edge CPR Management system. Seamlessly orchestrate Cane Purchase and Receipt processes, optimizing efficiency and bolstering your supply chain. Unlock the full potential of your sugar production with our advanced solution – where precision meets productivity. Elevate your industry leadership with us.

Work in Offline Mode, Even if network connection breaks.

Empower your financial journey with our streamlined Loans & Advance Issuance platform. Seamlessly manage and disburse loans with precision, ensuring quick and efficient financial support. Elevate your business potential with our user-friendly solution, where financial empowerment meets ease of use. Explore a new era in lending with us.

Camera controls of Weight Bridge processing, and image of vehicle on CPR.

Unlock Effortless Financial Precision with Our Payment Advice Wizard. Seamlessly navigate the complexities of payment processes with our cutting-edge tool, designed for unparalleled simplicity and accuracy. Revolutionize your financial workflows, ensuring each transaction is a seamless experience. Elevate your business with the Payment Advice Wizard – Where Precision Meets Ease.

Rates, Allowances, Deductions controls

Revolutionize the Sugar Farming Experience with Our Smart Card Solution. Seamlessly integrating technology into agriculture, our solution empowers farmers with secure, streamlined transactions and convenient access to essential benefits. Discover a new era of efficiency and excellence in sugar farming – where innovation meets the fields. Elevate your agricultural practices with our advanced Smart Card Solution.


Subsidies, Bindings controls

Reform Correspondence in the Sugar Business with Our State of the art SMS Utility. Flawlessly interface, illuminate, and upgrade activities with our high-level informing arrangement. Change how you convey and hoist productivity in sugar creation. Experience the eventual fate of consistent correspondence with our influential SMS Utility - where each message upgrades your example of overcoming adversity.

Success Stories

Discover how SAP revolutionizes sugar industry efficiency and profitability

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