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Contract Broiler Farming

Contract Broiler Farming Management using SAP: Soar to Success

Welcome to the future of contract broiler farming management! At LogicalDNA, we're excited to introduce you to our innovative solution powered by SAP, designed to revolutionize how you manage your contract broiler farming operations.


What is CBF?

Contract broiler farming (CBF) is a partnership model in the poultry industry where farmers raise broiler chickens under contract with a poultry integrator. The integrator provides the chicks, feed, and technical support, while the farmer raises the birds according to specified standards.


Why Do We Need a System for CBF?

Managing contract broiler farming efficiently requires meticulous coordination of various activities, including bird procurement, feed management, production monitoring, and financial analysis. A dedicated system for CBF streamlines these processes, enhances visibility, and improves decision-making, ultimately maximising productivity and profitability for both farmers and integrators.


Why is SAP Needed?

SAP is a global leader in enterprise software solutions, renowned for its comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize business operations across various industries. With its robust features, scalability, and industry expertise, SAP is the ideal choice for managing contract broiler farming effectively.

Farm Performance Measurement

Fine-Tune Your Profits, Batch by Batch

  1. Batch-wise profit/loss
  2. Farm cost & batch cost
  3. Lifting efficiency
  4. Growing charges calculation
  5. Performance Measurement (FCR, CFCR, Mortality%, BPI etc.)

Real-Time Data

Stay Ahead with Instant Insights

  1. Mobile application
  2. Current valuation of flock
  3. Mortality details & photo
  4. Feed & medicine consumption details
  5. Alerts in case of abnormal results

Daily Transactions

Every Detail, Every Day

  1. Daily supervision data
  2. Mortality with photo
  3. Water PH & MPN count
  4. Comparison of standard vs actual results


Tracking Daily Sales Trends

  1. Comparison of production vs sale rate
  2. Supervisor-wise performance
  3. Bird balance
  4. BPI grade
  5. Sale rate today vs yesterday

Farmer Agreement

Agreement Transparency, Delivered

  1. Farmer details
  2. Agreement details
  3. Renewal of agreement
  4. Shed agreement details

GPS Tracking

Farm's Success, Mile by Mile

  1. Shed tracking facility
  2. Shed entry on-location facility
  3. Track supervisor kilometre
  4. Track time-wise supervisor entry

Ready to take your contract broiler farming operations to new heights?

Contact us today to learn more about how SAP can transform your business and schedule a personalized demo. Let’s partner together to unlock the full potential of your contract broiler farming venture and soar to success!

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